This 30-Minute Treadmill Workout Torches Tons Of Calories

It’s the most useful workout at home, and we’ve shared a 30-minute treadmill workout chart to get you started on a more active day.

If you want to get the benefits of running inside without actually falling asleep on your belt, I have something for you.

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Staying mentally engaged—and torching ALL the calories—on the treadmill is as simple.

Remember, the strengths here are just suggestions. Everyone’s cardiovascular fitness level is different; the key thing here is your effort. So, are you ready to rock?

30-Minute Treadmill Workout

2:003-5 mph1%warm-up
2:00-4:005-6 mph1%moderate effort
4:00-5:003-5 mph1%recovery
5:00-6:005-6 mph5%moderate effort
6:00-7:003-5 mph1%recovery
7:00-8:005-6.5 mph4%increase
8:00-9:003-5 mph1%recovery
9:0-10:005-8 mph3%hard effort
10:00-11:003-5 mph1%recovery
11:00-12:005-8 mph2%hard effort
12:00-14:003-5 mph1%long recovery
14:00-15:006-8+ mph1%All-Out Sprint
15:00-17:003-5 mph1%long recovery
17:00-18:005-6.5 mph2%moderate effort
18:00-19:003-5 mph1%recovery
19:00-20:005-6.5 mph3%moderate effort
20:00-21:003-5 mph1%recovery
21:00-22:005-8 mph4%hard effort
22:00-24:003-5 mph1%long recovery
24:00-25:007-8 mph5%All-Out sprint
25:00-27:003-5 mph1%long recovery
27:00-28:007-8 mph5%All-out sprint
28:00-30:003 mph1%cool-down
30-Minute Treadmill Workout Chart

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