by Abrar Khan

How To Do A Basic Power Clean


Here we will show How To Do A Basic Power Clean With Proper Form.


Stand with feet about hip-width apart, barbell against shins.


Hinge forward at waist with a flat back, bending slightly to grab bar with an overhand grip.

Hands should be right outside knees. Be sure your chest is up, core is tight, shoulders are back, and head is in a neutral position.


In one fluid motion, lift bar, pushing through feet, engaging glutes and thrusting hips forward; keep bar close to body as you pull it toward chest.

Quickly flip wrists back, drop into a quarter-squat, and “catch” bar in front of shoulders, bringing elbows forward.


1. Stand with triceps parallel to floor; flip wrists down and lower bar, bracing core and hinging at waist to relieve pressure on back.