Written by Abrar Khan

The 7 Essential Calf Stretches

Downward Dog


The key to getting a calf stretch out of this classic yoga pose is to press your heels toward the ground.

Seated Calf Stretch With a Resistance Band


“Bands are good options for people with really tight hamstrings and calves to increase range of motion,'.

Toes on Wall Stretch


here to really make the most of this calf stretch—and be sure to wear sneakers so you can maintain a grip on the wall!

Lunging Calf Stretch


A straight back leg means you’re going to feel it in the gastrocnemius, the large muscle of your calf.”

Heel Drop Stretch


For this stretch, you’ll need a step, a box, or the edge of a treadmill. “I love using gravity to assist stretches,”

Standing Bent-Over Calf Stretch


“[It’s] great to get the entire posterior chain, as one [muscle group] effects the other,”

Half Split Stretch


While this pose is primarily thought of as a hamstring stretch, it also loosens up tight calves, too.